Electro-Harmonix 6550EH - Platinum Matched Quad, High Gain

Electro-Harmonix 6550EH - Platinum Matched Quad, High Gain

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The 6550EH is the finest current production tube for any amp using 6550 or KT88. The 6550EH offers the maximum power of any 6550 with the linearity guitar and bass players want. With 42 watts of plate dissipation in tetrode operation and 44 watts in triode, the 6550EH offers an improvement in power over even the most desirable vintage types including the Tung-Sol 6550 and Genelex KT88. This extra headroom in a 6550EH equipped amp means bass players can finally realize the full dynamic range of the instrument and the sweetest tone available. 

These tubes are the best price for performance in the KT88 range, just under Gold Lion KT88's. If you are looking for workhorse power tubes with sweet sound, these are what you are looking for.

These come as a Platinum Matched Quad, High Gain Set 

All tubes are handpicked and tested.

*High gain matching is very important for extended tube life and sound quality.